Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Consulting

  • Research, collecting, reviewing corporate polices, procedures, and regulating agencies to develop audit objectives and audit work plan
  • Analyzing data and documentation to assist organizations in determining financial status of operations and if compliant with regulating agencies
  • Assessing organization's mission, vision, competition, and culture; recommending strategic innovation to assist client with increase in market share
  • Helping client to ensure operating processes are relevent, reliable, efficient, and effective.  Assessing risk, management, and internal controls


  • ​Interviewing, observing, and understanding the client's focus of concern
  • Detailed discussion of day-to-day operations to determine the best tax strategies
  • Determining the proper business structure for the client based on future goals: Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Company, Corporation, Partnership
  • Assisting business to establish itself legitimately: Secretary of State, Occupational Licensing, Internal Revenue Service, Financial Institution, and other regulating agencies
  • Assisting with setting-up and maintaining accounting systems and administrative processes to include organizing, tracking, and recording transactions
  • Administrative assistance in various capacities
  • Knowledgeable in healthcare, government, manufacturing, and non-profit


  • Preparing and electronically filing individual/business federal/state tax returns that may include: mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions, truck drivers, farm workers, stocks/investments, self-employment tax, foreign income, earned income credit, rental property; ITIN for individuals not eligible for social security numbers
  • Assistance with correspondence to/from Internal Revenue Service